Rising Flames

The day before yesterday, I was to refill my gas cylinder but reluctantly I did not and so yesterday I said, let me use my stove.

After work I felt to pray, knelt down to thank God for the good day just for few minutes and then after shower I was on my kitchen chores.

My stove was doing well and my food was few minutes to be ready, so stirring it a little to confirm all is well I did not believe my eyes, stove rolling down thrashing its fuel all over which was tank full. The place was fire rising flame towards the ceiling very fast, blocking my main door only leaving a slim way out.

At first, I didn’t know what to do but I was calling on God by his names, pleading to protect everything and put off fire. Oh Lord, don’t allow this in Jesus name I kept saying. I rushed disconnect power from my main source. I got afraid to open the main door lest I allow more oxygen in, still calling on GOD.

Wetting my 2 towel dusters I threw them to the main source of fire, it could not put it off but little relieve, fire stopped rising towards the ceiling but still half way going up. I felt suffocating and had to rush out to next neighbor 50 meters away to ask for help. Coming back with heavy wet duster to find the fire dying we were able to put it off, leaving black soot all over one side of the cream painted wall but everything else left intact.

After relaxing in thanks giving I received a text message from my brother 2nd Corinthians 2: 14 “But thanks to be to God who leads us in triumphal procession in Christ….NIV. My brother had no idea what I was going through since I had called no one.

In the morning as I was marvelled that nothing of loss apart from painting the wall I remembered yesterday before leaving the house I said as usual “Lord I cover everything in this house by the blood of Jesus and this song kept coming JESUS IS THE ROCK IN A WEARY LAND, A SHELTER IN THE TIME OF STORM.

My heart and mouth is full of thanksgiving.

P.S. I didn't quote on how God is good about the incidence, I remembered that I had the phone number of the painter since he painted I month ago.

Calling to book on him, little did I know, after 20 minutes he had delivered I tin of the same paint. Since it was late, he left the paint and we fixed the date for him to paint. He was so kind and helped me to clear some of the mess, dusting off the smoke a little bit. What an awesome God we have!

Winnie Ngugi [email protected]

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