Shy Shyness. La Vie en Rose, Conclusion

"Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves." (Rom 12:10 NIV)

Some people are bold and some are shy. Some are open and friendly, and others are more closed in. There is nothing wrong with being either way, for this is the personality God has given you. What can be extremely stressful for someone is to be forced to be what they are not!

While walking near Notre Dame de Paris, I spotted a police officer sitting in his police car. I approached the officer and politely asked him if I could take a picture of his car. His response? "Non, merci" (no thank you). I could have easily taken his picture anyway, especially with my tele-zoom lens, and he wouldn't have even known I had done it. But this wouldn't have been right!

While riding the train from Paris to Belgium, I was taking pictures left and right. When I came to the train's snack bar however, the server politely asked me to not take his picture. When I told him I only wanted a picture of the snack bar, he said that was okay, and he proceeded to hide behind the counter so I could take my picture without him in it. Very innovative! The server honoured me greatly by doing this!

My youngest son used to be shy as well. One day, when he was about three years old, I took him to the bank with me. As I was waiting in line, a stranger stared at him. My son's face disappeared into the shelter of my arms.

I really couldn't blame him! I wish I could have hidden under a counter or a nearby advertisement board as well. But then, that would have looked suspicious, wouldn't it?

When the stranger couldn't get my son's attention, he touched his hair. My son looked him straight in the eye and said, "Stop that! I'm shy!"

By this time everybody in the waiting line realized what was happening and started laughing, and after that, the stranger left my son alone.

It isn't easy for some to accept that others are different, but to tell you the truth, we are all different from one another. Some differences are more subtle, while others are quite pronounced. That is what makes this world such a beautiful place! If we embrace and accept these differences, we will be duly blessed.

Honouring others above ourselves, despite their differences, will be a living testimony. It also will avoid unnecessary stress!

"Excuse me, can I take your picture?

"Do you see my fist?"

"Your face will be just fine!" ...


"What did I do wrong?"

Rob Chaffart

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