Sitting On A New York Corner

He was sitting on a New York corner begging, in the hot July sun;

People kept on walking gave him none.

He was awfully haggard looking, nothing but skin and bones;

What a sad life it must be, to be so all alone.


He was saying: "Please, won't someone help me, for I have not eaten in days?"

People just ignored him, as they went about their way.

"Please, enough for a sandwich and maybe a little slice of pie";

He sat there begging on a New York corner, with teardrops in hisí eyes.


I thought: how could all those people walk on by and ignore a brotherís plea?

What if I called out to God, and He ignored me!

Oh how would it hurt, and how lost would I feel;

If God did not answer me, as if I were not real.


I wondered what our Heavenly Father must think about the way we treat each other;

For did He not tell us that we are to love and help one another?

Here sits a poor ole soul begging, and no one pays him any attention;

Donít think that when they face God someday, that this wonít be mentioned.


I walked over to him and said, "come, letís go get something to eat";

With trembling hands and shaky legs, he got up on hisí feet.

We sat there in a restaurant eating, not a word did he say;

When he finished his last bit of pie, he solemnly looked my way.


"For about a week now Iíve been sitting on that corner, as people walked on by and stared;

I was losing my faith in mankind.....wondering.....if there was anyone left who cared.

There is hope yet for this world, as-long-as someone like you takes the time;

Sitting before me at a New York restaurant was and angel, sent by The Holy Vine.


"The Father of us all sent me, to see if I could find one among you who still cared;

Sitting on a New York corner my hope slowly dwindling, then suddenly you were there.

I was beginning to wonder if Christ died for nothing, if all mankind was lost;

But the Father told me if there was even one, then it was worth the cost".


His Servant

Pat Finn [email protected]

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