Gift of a Hug

It was two days before Fatherís Day and my eldest son and I were having breakfast. Just as he finished off the last bite of his Cheerios my boy caught me off guard by asking me what I wanted as a present for Fatherís Day. I looked him in the eyes and saw his good and earnest soul shining through them. Then in a moment of inspiration and wisdom I said: "I think that a big hug from you would be the best gift in the world." My dear son got right up, wrapped his arms around me and gave me just what I asked for. The precious gifts didnít end there either. On Fatherís Day I got several more hugs from both of my sons and my daughter too. Each one shared all the love they had for me and I had for them. Each one brought us so much joy. Each one made us feel connected, cherished, and whole. Those wonderful hugs made it one of the best Fatherís Days of my life.

I have received a lot of gifts from family and friends over the years. I enjoyed every single one of them too. Still, those hugs from my 3 children have to be at the top of my list of the best gifts ever. They wonít tear, break, or wear out. They will last forever in a special place in my heart and mind. And when I leave this world for the next I know that those hugs and the love they carried into my soul will go with me as well.

I hope that you spend all of your days here collecting and sharing all the hugs that you can. I hope that you go through life with your arms wide open and are never embarrassed to wrap those arms around someone you love. I hope you give hugs freely and happily to everyone around you and send heart hugs with your thoughts and words to those far away. I hope that even when you are alone you arenít afraid to give yourself a hug as well. And one day when you enter into Heaven I hope that you are ready for the greatest hug of all, the eternal hug of Godís love.

Joseph J. Mazzella [email protected]

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