Laugh Lines


I try not to listen to other peopleís conversations, but sometimes you canít help but hear something that sticks with you. Sometimes a pearl of great wisdom slips into your ears and finds its way into your heart, mind, and soul.

This is what happened to me the other day while I was walking in a store. I was looking for acne pads to help my youngest sonís teenage face. As I rounded the corner I heard a middle-aged woman with a little girl in her arms asking her grandmother what she thought about a brand new face cream that was supposed to diminish wrinkles and laugh lines. The grandmother just laughed and said, "Sweetie, I am 80 years old. I have learned to love all my laugh lines. After all, I earned every one of them." Then just to prove her point she laughed again and tickled her great granddaughter. The little girlís and the old womanís laughter blended together with a sound as musical and beautiful as an angelís song.

I left the store feeling a lot better about all the laugh lines I had earned in my own life. I remembered too all the beautiful faces I had seen over the years. The most radiant ones of all always seemed to have the most laugh lines as well as the fewest frown creases. They shined with joyous smiles and sparkling, loving eyes. Their beauty was ageless and eternal. It didnít matter if they were 48, or 80 years old. They still glowed as true Children of God.

I think then that I will follow that wise grandmaís advice and continue to love my laugh lines for all the years I have left here. They are the living proof of a life well lived. They are the foot prints that a loving soul leaves on the face. They are the roadmap that traces our wonderful journey with God. I hope that all of you learn to love your laugh lines as well. May you have the time of your life earning every one of them.

Joseph J. Mazzella [email protected] 

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