If I were lost would you look for me?


If I were lost would you look for me?

If cried would you care enough to ask why?

If I were empty would you fill me up again?

If I were stolen would you report me missing?

Foolish questions? Perhaps.

They were brought to my attention this morning when my phone rang and I heard the sweet voice of a young lady.

"Are your dogs missing?" She asked.

I realized it was my neighbor. My heart began pounding as I hurried through the house taking inventory.

I sighed and replied, "No, they are all accounted for."

She is a sweet soul. A kind, generous girl with an old fashioned heart and spirit. She bakes cookies and shares them with neighbors. She waves as she leaves her home and sees you working in the yard.

Today she found two small dogs walking down the street.

She took them in.

"They are well behaved and get along nicely with our own dog," she said.

I suggested places for her to report finding them.

"Most people wouldn't get involved," I said. "I wonder how many cars passed them by this morning and thought nothing of stopping. You did the right thing."

I went outside to watch for anyone who might be patrolling the area and I listened to hear the distant cry of someone calling their names.


Then the thought came to me. "What does it take for someone to go out of their way like she did?"

If I was lost I would hope someone would come looking.

If I were crying, alone and longing for a kind, gentle touch, I would hope that someone would stop and speak to me.

If I were empty, running on nothing but the little energy I had left from a battle going on within myself, I would wish that someone would fill the void with the words of kindness, caring and concern.

If I were stolen away by fear and confusion...if I were taken off to a place where darkness reigns and self pity blinded reality...I would pray that I'd be missed and rescued.

So, ask yourself that question today. Would you?

Would you take in the dogs? Would you look for a lost friend or even a stranger?

Would you offer a kind word?

Would you search long enough to find someone you love who was stolen away by fear and doubt?

What good is faith without action?

Bob Perks [email protected]

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