Leg Problems

PRAISE GOD! I want to take a bit of space to praise God for his love and care. Back in March I started being bothered by a strange pain in my left groin. Rapidly it spread through the whole thigh and into the knee. Several doctors looked at me and scratched their heads. THEY didn't know what was the problem. I didn't know what the problem was either but I knew God did and so I and many of my friends and family began asking God for my healing.

Now, when we ask God for something, We have to be ready to get our answer in HIS own time. Some times he says wait --- and so it was with me. He could have touched me immediately but he chose to use human vessels as the conduit of his mercy. Due to a string of miracles, I was led to a new doctor in our area and at about the same time I was accepted into a rehab program. The doctor listened to my problems, asked many questions and then gave me a routine of medications.

Within a week I was nearly pain free and by 2 weeks there was no pain at all. I have now been pain free for 5 weeks! Because of the intense and sever pain I had suffered, I didn't move any more than I had too - getting in and out of my car was torture, climbing the stairs in my house was torture. Just walking was torture and I spent much time in prayer, begging God to heal me or at least give me the strength to stand the pain. One day I decided to let God know I really meant business. I chose to spend a whole day in fasting and prayer. My daughter knew I was doing this and so she spent quite a bit of time in prayer, also. Along toward evening I heard a voice - in my mind - "I will heal you but not now"! Wow!!

Has God ever spoken to you? When he speaks it is a very exciting thing. Because of the nearly 5 1/2 months of inactivity, my muscles and tendons had stiffened and shrunk but I had been accepted into a physical therapy rehabilitation center and my therapist - who is also a Christian - began working with me (well, she suggested and watched and I had to do the work) - and one day I went in for my appointment and she could hardly believe I was the same person. It is such a blessing to be pain free and it is such a privilege to praise God for healing me. Most of the doctors I saw didn't know, I surely didn't know but God knew.

Below is my theme song. One I sing when something especially awesome happens. Yes, Jesus my Lord IS wonderful.

Isn't He wonderful, wonderful, wonderful?

Isn't Jesus my Lord wonderful?

Eye hath seen, ear hath heard,

It's recorded in His word

Isn't Jesus my Lord wonderful?

Presented with a thankful heart.

Wynona Gordon (Received on October 15, 2000)

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