The Oyster

There once was an oyster whose story I tell,

Who found that some sand had got into his shell.

It was only a grain, but it gave him great pain,

For oysters have feelings although they're so plain.


Now, did he berate the harsh workings of fate,

That had brought him to such a deplorable state?

Did he curse at the government, cry for election,

And claim that the sea should have given him protection?


No - he said to himself as he lay on a shell,

Since I cannot remove it, I shall try to improve it.

Now the years have rolled around, as the years always do,

And he came to his ultimate Destiny - stew.


And the small grain of sand that had bothered him so,

Was a beautiful pearl all richly aglow.

Now the tale has a moral, for isn't it grand,

What an oyster can do with a morsel of sand?


What couldn't we do if we'd only begin,

With some of the things that get under our skin.


Author unknown. If anyone has a proprietary interest in this story please authenticate and I will be happy to credit, or remove, as the circumstances dictate.

Thanks to HeartWarming [email protected]

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