Run Over by a Car

Zack and Luke aged 2 and 4 were run over by a car. The youngest one’s head went under a wheel of that car. Doctors were pessimistic and expected the children to die and be brain damaged. "I wanted you to know that I received wonderful news of a miracle. The youngest boy, Luke, expected to be brain damaged, moved his hands and feet but then went still. They called in a specialist. He completed his tests this afternoon and found that Luke has NORMAL BRAIN ACTIVITY. This is a miracle. He has a very difficult recovery but they do expect him now to recover. The same goes for his 4 year old brother, Zack. His pelvic bones were broken and he is no longer going into cardiac arrest. The mother is finding her faith since she has found out that so many people around the country have prayed for her children. The 18 year old went to the mother and expressed his deep sorrow. Continue your prayers, please. They still need them but they are so overjoyed at the good reports. Words cannot express the gratitude to all who are praying. Praise God. Praise God."

Great news concerning Zack and Luke. "the two boys, Zachary and Luke are doing so well that doctors can't explain it. They have NO spinal chord injury. The little boy, Luke, even said "MOMMY" to his mom. He will probably be moved to his brother's hospital room soon. Everyone is amazed at their recovery. At first, doctors thought they may not even live, and if they did, that they would be like vegetables all their lives."

"As far as more news on Luke and Zack. The boys are both in rehabilitation now. Even though pelvic bones were crushed and broken on both boys there is no sign of spinal cord damage. Zack is really having the more difficult recovery time even though everyone was more concerned over the fact that the tire had run over Luke's head. Zack smiles and recognizes people but he will not talk. The doctors say there is no physical reason for this and it may just take time to get over the trauma."

Margie, Spring 1999

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