Walking Miracles

It's amazing how one phone call can forever change someone's life. I realized that the day I came home to my father's voice on my answering machine telling me my brother, David, was very sick and in the hospital in ICU. As my husband and I rushed to the hospital a billion thoughts raced through my head. But nothing could prepare me for what I saw when I finally arrived in the ICU.

I didn't even recognize David at first. That was a hard thing to deal with considering I've known him all my life. My little brother, who had only turned 19 eight days before, was laying in a hospital bed, after being brutally stabbed and beaten, fighting for his life.

My mind was going a mile a minute when the nurse came over to speak with us. Who would do this to my brother, and most importantly, why? I got the answers to my questions later that day when I finally got in touch with my parents.

A young man David had run-ins with in high school had done this to him. My brother had been in a rival gang and this boy had repeatedly singled him out to fight with. My parents moved to another city nearby and had taken David with them. David had gotten out of the gang and was trying to get on with his life.

He was visiting friends where he used to live when he ran into this boy and his friends. Words were exchanged. David and his friends left, but this young man and his friends followed them. A fight erupted. Everything ended with my little brother laying bruised and bleeding from eight stab wounds on the ground. It is only by the grace of God and the love of strangers that David is alive today.

When the paramedics arrived, my brother was dead. He was not breathing, and he had no heartbeat. Refusing to give up, they revived him and had him completely stable when they arrived at the hospital's ER.

The homicide detectives were called, because the hospital felt for sure that David would not make it through the night. One of the partners went out to look for clues, while the other stayed behind to sit with David. He didn't even know who he was because my brother didn't have any identification on him. As far as the detective knew, David was just another kid from a gang who had gotten hurt in a fight. Even so, he didn't feel it was right for my brother to die alone.

My mother practically fainted when she received the call the next morning from the homicide detective. He introduced who he was, and that he was from the homicide unit. My mother will never forget what he said next though. He said, "Ma'am, I just wanted to let you know that in the ten years I've been with homicide, this is the first time I've ever been able to tell anyone that their son is ALIVE."

He went on to explain that homicide is only called in when they are certain that the victim will die. He also said that while he was sitting there with my brother, he could feel a miracle happening. God and his angels were working all around David that night. The detective was sure of it.

The Lord's work didn't end there though. My brother only spent three months in the hospital. The doctors were certain he would be in for at least a year. David has only suffered some minor brain damage coupled with many scars. The doctors didn't even know if he would be able to tie his own shoes when he woke up. All of the doctors and nurses that have come in contact with David all agree that he is a walking miracle.

The young man who did this to my brother is in jail now. A member from his own gang is the one who called the police about the fight. She was also willing to testify if the case went to trial. Fortunately, there was so much evidence against the young man that he pleaded guilty and the case didn't have to go that far. The Deputy DA even commented that it's a rare instance where there was that much evidence against someone, and so many people willing to testify, especially in gang related cases.

This whole ordeal has done wonders for my flagging faith. I always knew God was there, but He seemed so distant from me. Now, every time I think of David, I realize how close God really is. I am truly blessed to have my life touched by the miracle that is my brother.

Shannon Arrant [email protected]

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