God's Ways are Awesome

Many of us have heard this. Many of us have experienced this. Yes, it’s yet another time for me to share how the Lord takes care, He is listening, He is hearing us out, He knows what you want to tell Him even before yours mouth utters it to Him.

For several years I have had a heel spur that causes a lot of discomfort. Walking long stretches is painful; my ankle will be swollen at the end of it. Finding a right shoe for this foot was an ordeal. To get a right pair of shoes to help me have my daily walk meant getting in and out of several shops. Years ago when the Doctor saw this he did advise physiotherapy, tried it – got tired of it . I moved on to tolerate - to adjust, to compromise with it.

I had over a period of time learned to live with this. For the past few months I have been praying to the Lord for healing of this foot.

Little did I remember that my Abba is up there listening. I guess I had put it down to “learning to live with it” and not focused on the truth that God will heal – why should I cope with it? Mortal that I am just did not submit this to the Lord instead chose to tolerate the pain. Kept walking around till it hurt. When it did I used something to get temporary relief. Somehow over the past few months I have been asking God for healing.

Last week after a shower as I stepped out… thud!! All I remember was I was on the floor with my left foot under my 65 kilo body. My poor ankle bore the brunt!. It took me a few seconds to realize I had fallen. My immediate need was to ensure it was not a fracture. I could stand, walk around but by end of the day I knew I needed medical attention. Well… thank you Lord.. that was the beginning - The Ortho surgeon whom I consulted stared at the X ray and said - there is no bone injury, only soft tissue damaged but I observe you have a heel spur.

Ok my Abba… now I know why you permitted the fall. The doctor advised treatment to heal the damage caused by the fall, as It got better he started the treatment for the heel spur. Couple of exercises, change of footwear for sometime will help you get rid of the pain Doctor said. Ok.. OK.. I understand, I asked you to heal and You are at it my Almighty. Eight to nine years have passed I never thought of this.

I asked you one fine day and there You are helping me find ways to get better. Why Lord are you so mindful of such an insignificant soul?

I am right now humming “Our God is an awesome God”.

Jayashree [email protected]

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