Another Way to Give. Ask Someone to Pray for You

"There are a million ways to touch a life. Most of it does more for you, the giver, but so very much for the receiver." Bob Perks

Today's message:

Well, I've discovered something very important. Another way to give. Tis the season they say. But I give because it is the reason not the season. Tonight I went for dinner at a local pizza shop. One slice and a coke. I like it there because it's good, it's quiet, I can read the paper they provide there and it's $4.00 Cheap dinner. Over the past months I noticed a poster in the shop. It was an invitation to join a prayer group. I even have seen the owner actually close his shop to open it to a meeting.

So, with all the stuff weighing me down, I heard the Voice.

I am all too familiar with it.

"Ask him to pray for you."

Oh, I struggled with this. "Really God? I don't even know him."

So over the next 20 minutes I waited for the right chance. He was busy. I didn't want anyone else to hear me.

Suddenly I saw him making a plate for himself. I had to move now.

As he was behind the counter our eyes kept making contact. It was like he knew.

I threw away my trash. Approached him. He said, "Was everything ok?"

I said without hesitation, "You are a man of faith." "Yes," he replied and pointed toward the poster.

"I have been urged to ask you to pray for me."

He didn't blink. He grabbed a form like I was placing a food order.

"What is it?" He asked.

"My name is Bob. It's for my finances and family things. Too much."

I shook my head. Tears and I reached my hand out and thanked him.

I asked a stranger to pray for me. I gave him something very significant.

I trusted what God was telling me to do so I am already blessed. But I think God wanted me to give him something. It confirmed that someone saw God in him.

Another way to give. Ask someone to pray for you.

Would you pray for me?

Bob Perks

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