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When I was in college I didnít attend many football games. I didnít go to many functions. I wasnít to be found at the bars or parties either. When I wasnít in class, my dorm room, or spending time with my friends there was usually only one place to find me: the library.

I would spend hours there after class and on the weekends surrounded by books. I was fascinated by the amount of knowledge that was stored between their covers. I devoured volume after volume. I read books on psychology, sociology, history, and philosophy. I read books on theology, faith, and self-help. I explored every area I could in an obsessive quest to find out one thing: "What is the meaning of life?" I was driven to discover why we are here. I had to know

what itís all about. Sadly, four years and a thousand books later I graduated with a degree but no real answer to my question.

I didnít give up after college, though. I kept looking in books, in nature, in prayer, and in my own heart and soul to find the answer. I never gave up through all the work, struggles, pains, and losses that I went through. After many years too I think that I finally learned the answer to that question and it was so simple. The answer was Love!

Love is what itís all about. Love is what we are all about. From our first cry as a newborn baby to our last breath before death, love is our purpose. Every hug, every smile, every laugh, every tear, every word of encouragement, every kind act, every helping hand, every moment of compassion, and every thought we think can lead us to greater love as well. Three of the most important words in the Bible are: "God is Love." And when we become one with love we become one with God. Donít spend your life on anything less. Choose love. Share love. Grow in love. Walk the path of love through all of this life and into the next.

Joseph J. Mazzella

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