Saddle Oxford Shoes

One of the most blessed events that ever occurred in my life was when I was given permission to go and live with my grandmother. I was only 13, and had recently given my heart to Jesus.

However, I had been taught the Word by Granny Spooner since I was a child. I can remember back when only 3 years old, I would ask her at bedtime to read me the story of Elijah, and the widow’s meal barrel and cruse of oil (1 Kings, ch. 17).

She lived, moved and had her being in Jesus Christ! Oh! What a lady and witness she was to the Grace and Goodness of God! One of the very first scriptures she taught me was Psalms 37: 4-5. It became a cornerstone in building my faith in God’s goodness and willingness to provide for His children!

You’ve read it, and possibly can quote it from memory, but let’s go over it one more time! Psalms 37:4-5... “Delight thyself also in the Lord, and He shall give thee the DESIRES (not needs only) of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass!!!”

Shortly after coming on board with Granny we were offered free rent to stay with a little ole’ lady, whose children really didn't want to be bothered by her. Incidentally, granny and I had financial assistance from the welfare department to the sum of $1 6.23 a month! Man, could that do something to your dreams if that was your total source of supply! Thankfully, we had other resources Satan couldn't put a lien on, which was the ever living Word of God!

To better understand the Grace of God in this particular situation, you really should have seen the house we were living in. It was a four-room house, an enormous hallway separating the rooms, two on each side. With a sagging roof plus the front porch roof was falling in, and our kitchen and living room were one in the same.

When we ate, we would pull the table out, I would slide behind it into the corner, and granny would push it back in place so she would have room to get up and down, if necessary.

Our bedroom consisted of two beds and a dresser. Anyway, we had tons of love for each other, and that made up the difference for the lack of conveniences we had to indulge!

To get to the crux of the story, one day after coming in from school, I asked Granny if she thought the Lord could help me get a pair of saddle oxford shoes for Mayday festivities at school?

Looking at me with those loving eyes (as only she could) she smiled and said, “Well, sweetheart, you know nothing is impossible with the Lord!

If we ask in prayer, believing, then nothing is out of reach to those who believe!” I said, “It ‘s seven weeks until the festival, and I believe He will do it for me." So, I asked her to let me pray each lime we ate, so I could praise and thank Him for the shoes! I want you to keep in mind, here is a 13 year old living on free rent with his grandmother, and the only income was S16.23 a month. However, it was still 7 weeks to May day, and I felt that was plenty of time for God to do anything!

Little did I realize even at such an early age that I would be setting a pattern for my faith to grow on, and that I personally would experience my first real encounter with a Wilderness experience. I shall never forget something Granny Spooner once said about God’s timing. “Son, the Lord may appear to be slow, but He is never late!”

Anytime you lay a petition before the Lord, and see the fulfillment of that desire, you will have ample time to question God’s willingness to provide. Also, there will be suggestions from Satan that God doesn't care, you can forget hearing from Him and the best thing for you to do is forget it. Tough it out and do the best you can!

This is what Satan would have you do. God puts it another way “Cast all of your care, your anxieties, frustrations, fears, desires and anything that has to do with you living the Copious and abundant life through Jesus Christ, My Son, and I will provide whatever necessary to see it complete for you!!!"

Well the first week went by and no saddle oxfords, the second, third and forth still no manifestation of the shoes. I still had plenty of time to say, “forget it Lord.” But I kept my confession, and continued thanking Him for my new shoes! Every time we had prayer over a meal, in the morning, and any other time, I would steadfastly thank God for answering my request!

Time moved on, and so did the weeks. The fifth, and sixth weeks had come and gone, still no saddle oxfords! And now we were coming down to the final leg of the seventh week. No money had suddenly appeared from out of nowhere, and we were still living off a tight $16.23 a month budget. Yet I knew that had nothing to do with God’s ability to provide and fulfill my desires.’

As Monday rolled around it was apparent we had only 6 shopping days left before May-day festivities. Granny sat me down that evening and said she wanted to talk with me. Concerned about my young faith in the Lord and His Word, she said, “Sweetheart, often times we can ‘t understand God’s way of doing things, or why He does things sometimes. However we do know He loves us, He proved that through Calvary. Now, just in case the Lord doesn‘t see fit to provide you your shoes right now, I’m sure He will in His own good time. I just don ‘t want you to be hurt at God in case He does not see fit to do it right now.” As we sat and talked, my mind went back over Psalms 3 7:4. “Delight thyself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart!”

I said, “Granny, I’m not going to have any reason to be hurt at the Lord, because I know He will get me my shoes, I just know it. He said he would give me my desires, so let ‘sjust wait and see how He does it!”

Monday was soon gone, Tuesday and Wednesday came and went by, still no manifestation of His Provisions! Only three shopping days left.’ I still held onto my confession that God will provide, and I didn't change it! It was not my responsibility to figure out how God was going to work, I only had to take His Word at face value, and He would do the rest!

Before you could say, “scat Crusoe,” Thursday was history, and now it was Friday! I went on to school, I said, “Granny, God will provide, and I’m going to keep praising Him for my shoes!”

That night at supper, I asked Granny if I could say the blessing, and she said that would be fine. As we sat down to eat, it was between 9- 9:30. I bowed my head, and began to pray. I said, “Jesus, I thank you for loving me, and giving your life that I might be saved, and enjoy living for You. I thank You for the Bible, and the many promises You gave us. I know we have only one more shopping day left and I thank You for my saddle oxfords! Amen and Amen!” While we were eating, we heard the phone ring in the other part of the house, and didn't pay any attention to it. However, it wasn‘t long before the little ole lady with whom we were staying with, called out, “Ms. Spooner Ms. Spooner (that was my Grandmother ‘s last name,) you ‘re wanted on the telephone!” Granny looked at me and said, “Raleigh, son, who in the world could that be wanting me at this time of night?” I said, “Grandma, I don ‘t know, in fact, I don ‘t even know anybody who owns a telephone.”

She went on up to answer the phone, and in a few minutes she called me to come up there. Well, a pile of things went rushing through my mind, and one was that it could probably be my teacher calling to talk about me. Satan is always ready to put his last shot in just before the victory, but it was too late!

When I got there, she was smiling, and handing me the phone, she said, “Here son, your brother wants to talk with you!” My brother! Man, he was overseas, and he wanted to talk to me, wow! Now are you ready for it?

My brother was on board a ship, anchored in Honolulu, about 6,000 miles from us. The first thing he said to grandmother was, “Boy, granny, am I glad to finally get through to you! You, and Raleigh have been on my mind for several weeks, but the weather has been so bad I couldn’t make the connections.”

When it comes to the several weeks he was talking about, I can tell you exact&’ how long. It was 7 weeks, because that was when I first placed my petition before the Lord! It reminds me of Danie4 when he had fasted three weeks seeking the face of God for wisdom and understanding!

In Daniel, the 10th chapter, the angel told him that his prayer was heard the very first day he set his heart to find God, however, the Prince of the Kingdom of Persia withstood him for 21 days. But Michael, one of the chief angels of God came to help him, and now his answer had manifested itself!!!

Anytime you claim a provision of God, Satan will do his best to cause you to doubt in some fashion, or form about it being the right time, or if it is for you. But like Daniel, I held to my confession of faith, and God, as always, was faithful!!!

Now, are you ready for the blessing? After talking with granny for a bit, the very first thing J. B., my brother, said with regards to me was, “Granny, I’m wiring you S 100 tonight, and I want you to get Raleigh a pair of shoes!!!!!!!!!” Oh, Praise God, for His faithfulness to His Word and our faith!!!!

But wait, I haven ‘t finished! Always remember, when you stand fast in the Word you not only get what you asked for, but that and much, much more! You not only get blessed, but also others associated with you! J.B. continued, “And granny, along with Raleigh’s shoes, get him a pair of slacks, and also, get you a dress and a pair of shoes!! !“ Neighbor, Granny and I were walking in tall cotton on the last shopping day before Mayday festivities!.’! Hallelujah!!! It’s like the old gospel song of several years back, “I was there when it happened, and I guess I ought to know!” God will provide, He will, He will, He will provide! I am a living witness to God’s faithfulness!!

Dr. Raleigh D. Jenkins, With Permission, God Will Provide! P. 241 - 249.

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