The Goal is to Love

The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith." - 1 Timothy 1:5

Rose Kennedy, the mother of the late President, once attended a Bible Study and she shared how she came to peace with God after being resentful of Him for giving her a retarded daughter.

"I was boiling over with resentment. There was a lovely woman who was one of our maids. She sensed my boiling soul.

'Please excuse me, Mrs. Kennedy; but I've been watching you the last few weeks. I love you very much, and I hate to see this destroy your life. I say this as gently as I know how: Mrs. Kennedy, you'll never be happy until you make your heart a manger where the Christ child may be born.' "I fired her on the spot! You have no idea how filled with anger, how isolated, how focused on doubt I became..

"That night, my mind ruminated relentlessly, keeping me awake until the late hours. I could not forget that lovely face, the sweetness of her countenance, the sub-surface joy that seemed to boil up continually in her spirit . And especially those deathless words: 'Mrs. Kennedy, you'll never be happy until you make your heart a manger where the Christ may be born.' "I have loved Christ all my life, and tried to be a good Catholic girl all my years; but this was one of those joyous moments of real contact with God and his Son. So I knelt beside my bed and prayed, 'Dear God, make my heart a manger where the Christ child may be born.' I felt a fresh new divine entry into my life, and there was born in me a passion, a love for retarded children. Oh, by the way, I rehired the lovely maid. She was with us for years, until her death."

The Lord will allow many different circumstances to come into our lives. Each one of them will be an opportunity to love only as Christ can love. Today in prayer, give thanks to the Lord for the circumstances He has placed you, knowing that His goal is love.

"Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand." - Mother Teresa

God's Word: "This is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another." - 1 John 3:11

By Peter Kennedy, Copyright 2003, Devotional E-Mail DEVOTIONS IN 1 TIMOTHY [email protected]

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