Testimony of a person who was opposed to Christ

I am Senthil Kumar, hailing from a town called “Thatchanallur”, Nellai District, Tamil Nadu, South India. I was born in a Hindu family and was devoted to the Hindu gods. I was addicted to alcohol and was indulging in all kinds of vices like rowdiness, theft, adultery etc. I had developed an utter hatred towards Christians and their meetings. In connection with an evangelistic crusade of an evangelist, namely David Steward, wall-posters were pasted on the walls in my town. In exasperation, I tore to pieces the wall-posters. I was regularly praying to my gods to deliver me from my sinful life. But the sin and its pain abounded in my life and I could not get any deliverance.

When Christians proclaimed the gospel of Christ promising peace and joy, I became angry and thought that the work of these Christians was to covert Hindus to their religion.

In my personal life, I was facing manifold problems like indebtedness, etc. I had decided to end my life. Sitting alone in a place, I started planning as to how to commit suicide. At that time, a man who passed by my side told me, “Jesus would help you”. Immediately a thought came to my mind that when my gods could not help me, how this Jesus could help me. However, a new hope descended on me. A Christian cottage prayer meeting was on in a nearby house. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see what was happening there. When I climbed the stairs to reach that house, a hymn was sung: “I have entered the fort of the Blood of Jesus. No harm will be caused”. This song penetrated my heart. I participated in the prayer meeting.

After the meeting, one person started talking to me, “Jesus is the God who speaks”. Due to my blind faith and zeal for my religion, I retorted, “my gods will also speak”. I then left the prayer meeting with a question in my mind whether my gods would really speak. In the night, I said myself “Let the true God speak to me tonight”. Like this, three nights passed and no God spoke to me. Afterwards, the words spoken by that person, “Jesus is the God who speaks” rang in my ears.

The same person again met and asked me whether Jesus spoke to me. I replied, “Let Jesus call me. He has not yet done so”. Upon this, he told me, “You should seek Him with all your heart”. I said, “Yes”. During that night, I cried unto Jesus with a heavy heart and then slept. At about 4.30 a.m., I heard a voice calling me by name. I woke up but could not see anyone. When I looked up, I heard a voice “I am your God”. My body shivered and I developed a fear.

Afterwards, a great miracle happened in my life. My father, who was inimical towards me, and who was not helping me, came to my house and gave me money, with which I was able to clear all my outstanding debts. Then, the same Christian brother took me to the Assembly of God Church in Vannarpettai where I accepted Jesus as my Savior and took water baptism. I then pasted the wall-posters in connection with an evangelistic crusade held in my town (with the same hands which had torn the wall-posters earlier) on the same walls.

With permission from Job Anbalagan [email protected]

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