Giving up Love: God's Love in You, Part 4


Giving up Love: God's Love in You, Part 4

Have you ever given up on love? If so, then according to the Bible, it wasn't love at all, because love never gives up!

Why is it, anyway, that husbands and women search for better candidates?

"I am tired of my spouse," some say. But do you really think that you will find someone better? In all honesty, we will never find a perfect angel, and most times, this only leads to another divorce. And what about the children? Now these children will have to go to another
home with a new step mom or dad to get used to. Is that true love?

I remember a grade 7 student telling me that she hated her parents. She felt that they don't care about her at all. She felt she was completely alone. When I asked why, she responded that her parents fought constantly. They were already divorced, but they fought with their new spouses as well. This student found no peace anywhere. She felt that love was nowhere, and sometimes she just wanted to run away.

What about your elderly neighbor. In the winter, she cannot go get food? Do we care? What about the snow on her driveway? It's too heavy for an elderly person to shovel. Will you show love?

I wish everyone would remember every morning and evening that love is the most important thing in life. Why can't we simply live to love? Why can't we throw arguments into the garbage?

Remember that only with genuine love will you be happy. I urge you to pray that you can accept that love and spread it to everyone around you. The elderly will thank you. Your spouse/friends/children will thank you. When you love genuinely at all times, you will find happiness yourself. Genuinely love all the time and you will be happy.

Love will thrive, just like a plant. You forget to give water to the plant, it will die. You take care of it, your plant will become a gorgeous plant.

"Love never gives up." (1 Cor 13:4 MSG)

What will you chose: Love or indifference?

Rob Chaffart


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