Me First: God's Armament, Part 8

Me First: God's Armament, Part 8

A few years ago a teacher at my school lost his position. He had not done anything wrong, it was just that in order to balance the budget, the school board decided to cut several teachers. Unfortunately for the affected teachers, it looked like they had done wrong, and the teacher in my school who was cut actually had no idea why he was being terminated.

If you were a teacher at that school and one of your co-teachers lost his position, how would you react?

Unfortunately the primary reaction at my school was, "I'm glad it wasn't me!" Very few showed this particular teacher support or encouragement.

This is how our world is. It's a "Me-first" mentality.

It is sad to say that we also see this in the church. There are those who call themselves Christian because they go to church, but they don't care for others the way Jesus would.

Why not our genuine love instead?

Why? In the words of Jesus, "Because a loveless a
sightless world. (John 14:23 MSG)

By contrast, Jesus did not put Himself first. He didn't call down from the cross and say, "I'll pay someone to take my place!" And it's a good thing too, because if He had, no one would be saved! But Jesus isn't like that. He died so that everyone could be saved! That is love!

Love is the answer to the "Me-first" mentality of the world, and this is why we are commanded to love one another: "This is my command: Love one another the way I loved you. This is the very best way to love." (John15:11-12, MSG)

Jesus takes this a step farther: "Put your life on the line for your friends when you do the things I command you. (John 15:14-15 MSG)

We have been talking about God's Armament. One of the best pieces of armour He gives us is love. He models it, He lavishes it upon us, and He calls us to love one another. This love is the weapon we have at our disposal against the "Me-First" attitude of the world.

We invite you to join us on Monday for a sad story that God has instructed me to tell, in God's Armament, Part 9.

Rob Chaffart


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