Where is my Patience? God's Love in You, Part 6

Where is my Patience? God's Love in You, Part 6

"Love is patient..." (1 Cor. 13:4a NIV)

Have you ever found someone who is always patient?

If you answered "no", then you are like most of the world. I, also, rarely met anyone who is patient all the time. Most of the time, perhaps, but not all the time!

It is true that most of us live full, busy lives. After all, we have so many things we need to do! You know, keeping up on the latest movies, following our favorite sports teams, traveling, inventing.... There are so many things that occupy our time that there is no time to wait for anything! As a result, we get impatient waiting for our tickets at the cinema and we get angry when our ordered food doesn't arrive in due time at the restaurant. Don't they know we are busy? That we have other things to do? Why can't we be served right away?

Could this be one of the reasons why many don't go to church? There just isn't enough time in the week?

But wait. Was Jesus ever impatient? No, He always took time for everyone. He had patience with sinners. He had time for the sick. He listened to their problems. He never said, "I'm sorry, but I have more important things to do!" Being impatience is not in our Heavenly Father, and Jesus is our example. Shouldn't we show the same patience with one another?

I was fortunate enough to meet one person who was truly patient. I have spoken of this lad before. He was 5 years old, and he went to the school where I taught. He had cancer and he knew he would die soon. He could have been angry, but he wasn't. He was patient with everyone. He took time to talk with others. He was excited that he would soon be with Jesus in Heaven, and he wanted others to be excited about God as well. This lad wasn't afraid to die. Instead, he looked forward to running into the arms of Jesus. This child was an example of patient love, love that will help people at any time.

What about you? Are you always patient? When you are impatient, are you truly showing love? Ask our Heavenly Father to help you develop that true love that is patient at all time!

Rob Chaffart


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