The Unsuspecting Messenger

I have long been fascinated by the power of prayer, for I have seen first-hand astonishing and awe-inspiring events unfold all due to prayer. It was while I was researching a book that I became part of an event regarding prayer and the strange thing is I was not aware at the time that I would be the messenger.

I had contacted close to two hundred people sending out a call, which I hoped would continue to ripple out, for stories relating to prayer. Therefore it was not a surprise when a number of people began asking me to send up prayers for them. It was something I did now and then for family and friends so why not for acquaintances met through the internet?

On one very hectic Wednesday while trying to deal with mail that was reaching too far into the hundreds I received one such letter from a cyber friend. She was requesting a prayer. I was torn between trying to finish off my planned work or stopping and fulfilling the request. I should explain that when I pray for people especially those through the internet, it is my habit to type out the prayer and then send it to the person. In this way they can see that indeed a special prayer has gone out for them and they can read what I said to my Heavenly Father on their behalf.

I knew that it might take me at least fifteen to twenty minutes to get a nice prayer composed and with my conscience about doing service for others, pushing me, I got to work on the prayer. When it was done I read it again and suddenly felt this same prayer must go out to someone else. I knew I should really be getting back on track yet another voice within (my own thoughts, I reckoned!) Kept on encouraging me. Before I knew it I had used up every minute of my office time sending out the prayer to a number of others. "Oh well, " I thought," I'll get back to the job on Thursday".

On Thursday, I began opening mail and received some astonishing letters. These were in response to “the prayer”. One letter in particular shook me and left me crying. This is her letter:

Ellie, Thank you. I have been sitting here in tears tonight after reading your prayer for me. Why on earth would you send me this prayer today of all days? Did you have a dream? A feeling? How in God's creation could you have known how much I needed this prayer today of all days? How could anyone know, except God? How do you know that I am faltering in my strength and needed this sign that I am not alone? This sign that He has been listening to me, has heard me and has shown me this through your prayer? Otherwise, how did you know that while trying to walk the path I am really stumbling along right now and wondering if I have the courage to go on, despite the fact that I have an uncanny ability to appear as if everything is fine... I am fine? I am truly blessed and I am doubly blessed with your friendship and your prayers. I too send you my loving energy every day in my own way, in my own manner of " prayer." And I thank God every day for delivering you into my life. Love your friend (name withheld for privacy)

I sat and sobbed as I read her note. What if I had not listened to the soft voice in my mind that encouraged me first to forsake my regular work and compose the prayer and then to actually send it out, to others, (though no further requests had been made).

I did not know this particular friend needed a prayer. I do not know why I didn't stick to my game plan and get my work done. What I did, felt right! I didn't know I was receiving a gentle nudge, but I am so very glad that I followed the "feeling" and sent out more than the one prayer that day.

I realized I had been a messenger for God and the thought was both humbling and elating. I bowed my head and said "thank you dear Lord for using me" Whew! I truly love being used to be this kind of messenger!"

Ellie Braun-Haley copyright 2004 [email protected]

Many of Ellie’s stories have been published in both on line e-zines and pocketbooks. You can find oodles of beautiful stories by Ellie in the 2TheHeart archives and in the new 2TheHeart book!

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