Grandpa's Trick

. . . But the greatest of these is love........1 Corinthians 13:3 (NIV)

When my son Jim was around twenty, he was involved in a severe motorcycle accident resulting in a serious head injury. He recovered miraculously and was discharged from the hospital two weeks later. However, he still required some minor supervision, and I needed to return to my job as a nurse. So, my father who was retired, made daily visits to check on him.

Over the course of the hospital stay, Jim had lost forty pounds. His appetite still wasn't what it should be, and this bothered my father terribly. Each day when he visited, he did his best to entice Jim to eat.

One day, during my Dad's usual visit, they became engaged in a conversation about Dad's old Army days. Dad told Jim, " When I was in the Army, everyday I did countless pushups. I even use to do headstands."

My son listened intently, to his grandfather's tale. Then suddenly, my dad made a proposal. "I'll tell you what Jim, I'll stand on my head, if you will eat some lunch."

My son, certain that his grandfather would never do such a thing replied, "Sure Grandpa, go ahead - stand on your head."

Before you know it, my father was propped up against the wall in front of a wall of Jim performing his great headstand act, just as he did in his Army days. Jim's mouth dropped open awestruck, over his grandfather's dexterity, but mostly his demonstration of love.

Later, my son told me, "Mom how could I say no? After Grandpa stood on his head for me, I had to force down my lunch." I envisioned my white-haired father on his head, talking with my son. It was far beyond any tactic I had ever tried with any of my patients.

I recalled as a young girl my mother repeatedly saying, " I've done everything I can, except stand on my head." My dad took those words literally performing his truest act of love.

Annettee Budzban [email protected] author of "When Heaven Whispers." Annettee is a newspaper religion columnist, and an inspirational writer. She has been published on e-zines and in Christian magazines such as Guideposts Angels on Earth, Purpose, Standard, Stewardship and more. Her writings also appear in many popular anthologies such as the God's Way books and the new Cup of Comfort Devotional.

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