Island Hopping

"I find it hard to get through the day."

Can you imagine?

I heard a collective "Yes, I can!"

I know the feeling. I've had times when life was so very challenging that it was indeed difficult to get through a day. And yet, I did. One day at a time.

Frankly, my most difficult times were not the daylight hours, but the still, sad darkness of night.

I can remember watching the clock and almost begging it to move faster. I couldn't sleep and time teased me with every second.

It was then that I learned to use that time. It was then that I decided not to think to myself about all the things that were bothering me, but to have that conversation with God.

A friend told me once that she gave all her troubles to God every night before she went to bed, because He was going to be up all night anyway.

So, as long as He was awake, I thought he'd make good conversation.

Then I learned to get through my days by what I call "Island Hopping."

I create in each day little islands of time I set aside for myself. Not long periods, like hours, but five and ten minutes spots.

At the very least I create one mid morning island around ten. Lunch is a natural break in the day, but not always the greatest time for planning for yourself. Then, around two or three in the afternoon I place another island.

Both the morning and afternoon breaks are simply five minutes for me to stop whatever I am doing. Maybe I fake the need to stand up and walk somewhere. Maybe I just stay where I am and sit still.

Interruptions? Plenty. But Island hopping isn't an exact science. Take for instance real island hopping. You get in your boat, set sail, and totally rely on the wind and weather to get you to where you need to go. Slight course changes are expected, so you won't always get there on time.

So, why should two o'clock be set in stone? You know how it works. You set a goal and when you don't reach it you quit. Not with Island Hopping. You set a time and if you need to, you move the island.

Hey, two twenty eight is as good a time as any.

In the evening, I create another island. One that I land on the minute I get home. Five minutes on the Island of "ahh!" I walk in the door and sit down before I do anything else.


Get creative with your scheduled time. Pull out a book and read all you can in five minutes. Buy one of those tiny radios and plug the earphones in for a few minutes.


If you are standing, sit. If you are sitting, stand.

Create a dream sheet and pull it out and work on your dream.

"This is the house I want!"

Then draw stuff or list things.

"This is where I want to go on vacation!"

Then write about all you'll do when you get there.

Island Hopping has taken me to many places, both imaginary and in reality.

It is during those visits I create the stories I write for you.

It is there on the "Isle of Write" I found my most pleasant times.

Oh, yes. At the very least and at the very best you can always say a prayer during your time away from it all.

It is there on your own Prayer Island you can visit with so many while peacefully being alone.

Next time you're there, say one for me.

I'll be Island Hopping, too.

Bob Perks [email protected]

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