Why are you Still Here?


After the applause, make time for words of praise!

The Air-Mailed Letter

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Almost There

The Art of Encouragement

As Long As I Can See Your Face. Rivers of Faith, Part 5

The Autograph

Baby Steps

Bear Ye One Another's Burdens

Because God Loves You

Blessing God's Chosen

The Boy in the Wheelchair

The Call

A Call from Afghanistan

Charles Dickens

Christmas in the Basement part 1: An Unforeseen Surprise

Connected by Words

Criticism? Or Love? God's Love in Us, Part 9

Dancing on Graves. Worthy are the Unworthy, Part 6

The Dawning

Denise's Guardian Angel

Does it Make a Difference? Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (1:9-16)

Don't Practice Your Mistakes

Dusk Dilemma. Alive Series, 11

Encourage One Another

Encourage & Rebuke

Encouragement Through our Presence

Encouragement through Worship

Encourage or Discourage

Encourager or Discourager? Dragon Tramps or Kingdom Heirs, Part 15

Encouraging High Achievement

Encouragng Others

An Encouraging Word

An Encouraging Word

Escaped from a Cattle Wagon. Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (9:1-5)

Eyes Right

Facing the Inevitable

Faith Lift

Feeling Low?

The Forgotten God 2. The Forgotten Message, Part 7

The Four Seasons

Fill Us Up -- Encourage One Another

The Garbage

The Gift of Pick-Me-Up

A Glass Shattering Indignity

God of the Unexpected

God's Comfort in Prison

Going It Alone

Grandma's Letter

Grandma's Trimble

Grandma's Quarters

Grandpa's Little Buddy

The Geranium

Hands Up Moses! Facing Unimaginable Odds, Part 15

Highway Troubles-Is it Worth the Drive? Alcan, Part 2

Hope is Not Beyond Our Grasp. Why do I Go to Church?

How Can I Learn to Love Others like Jesus does? When Lives are At Stake.

How to Stuff Your Classroom: Lessons From the Classroom, Part 4

Hugs for a Stranger

Hugs from Heaven

If the Dream is Big Enough

The Instructor

In the Smallest Way

Jesse Owens

Just Because I Love You

Just Stand Up

Life Echoes

Lift From a Stranger

A Look into the Past: Refreshments from Above Tabernacle Experiences, Part 3

Mailbox Encourager

Maybe God sent you

Mr. Cruikshanks

My Little Chinese Angel

Ministry of Encouragement

The Need for Encouragers

No End in Sight. Alive Series, Part 9

No Higher Calling

No Room for Fences

The Note

The Novel

A Nurse From Heaven

One Minute Can Change a Life

An Ounce of Encouragement

Outwardly Full But Inwardly Empty

A Pair of Snow-white Doves

The Piece of Gravel and the Windshield

The Power of Kind Words

Powerful Things

The Real Cost of Love. Question About Love, Part 5


Release The Treasure


Sarah, sing sweetly!

Separated by Myriads of Passengers: Christmas Under Fire, Part 3

A Smile from Heaven. Dragon Tramps or Kingdom Heirs, Part 14


SOS!!! Air and Ground Attacks

So Where is Your Smile Today?

Stressing the Positive--An Introduction. Bringing up Kids God's Way, Part 7A

The Tea

Thanks Sarge

There Is Always Hope


A Touch of Encouragement


A True Story!

True Strength

Uplifting Melodies. Forgiven, Part 7

Voice Mail From Heaven

When Kids Outshine Adults. Hope in the Horizon, part 5

Who Is Your Daddy?

Who Rekindles Your Light?

Why are you Still Here?

The Will to Carry On

Yes You Can

You've Got Gold

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