Hanging by a Thread 



A New Church Approaching: God's Armament, Part 10

The Accident that was No Accident

Adventures in Winter Driving, Part 3: A Slippery Stop

Alive at Jesus' Birth. Devotions from the Psalms (27:4)

Almighty God

The Angel

Angels and Diamonds

Angel at Midnight

Angel of "Light"

Angels in the Marketplace

Angels Protected Us

Armchair Angel

Assaulted at Sundown

A Way Out

Bad Intentions

Bathing in Arctic Weather

Being Protected: God's Armament, Part 4

The Belt of Truth: God's Armament, Part 20

Bibles in the Luggage

The Big Tractor

Blessed Arms

Blessed are Those Who Care. Awake Series, Part 25

The Breeze

The Breastplate of Righteousness: God's Armament, Part 21

Broken Fishing Pole

The Broken Glasses: God's Love in You, Part 14

The Broken Limb

Cacti in Saskatchewan?

The Car Flip

Caught Smuggling Bibles

Coffee and the Thunderstorm

The Coiled Rattlesnake

Confined, Yet Free

Covered By His Wings

The Crossing

Crushing the Shells

The Day God Protected My Husband

Deborah Hudson

A Definite Sign

The Devastating Tornado

Devil's Den Memories

Divine Intervention

A Dog in the Road

Donna Funkhouser

Do Not Go to Detroit

The Dream


Emergency in the Jura Mountains

The Escaped Komodo Dragon

Face Down

Faith of a Little Seed

Father, Hold Us!

A Feather from God

The Fiberglass Seat

Fighting the Tide: Victory Series, Part 14 (Our Armour)


Five Minutes can Make a Difference

Flying 40 or 50 Feet Through the Air

Focused on Abba. Alive Series, Part 17

Genelle Guzman

The Giver of Strength

God Calling

God's Deliverances

God Saves us All!

God's Provision

God Will Send His Angels To Guard You

The Gospel of Peace: God's Armament, Part 22

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels

The Gustafsen Fire

The Hand

The Handprint

Hanging by a Thread

Head Home Now!

Hedge of Protection

Help me Refuse to Yield to Fear

Hemmed In

He Sees the Sparrows

He Watches Over Us

His Angels Around Us

His Safe Haven

How Do We Know When an Angel Comes?

Human Knowledge? Or God's Knowledge? God's Armament, Part 2

Hunting for Ghost towns. Which Way?

I found her walking down Main Street

I Go and Seek

The Ideal Weapon: God's Armament, Part 5

In Jesus Arms

An Invisible Hand

I Work For the City

In the Dog Pit

Is the Christian God Angry about the Persecution of His People?

Is There a Living God That Exists

It Shall Not Hurt

It's Too Late: God's Armament, Part 12

It Will Be an Opportunity... Lessons From the Classroom, Part 13

Jesus, my Rescue: There is ALWAYS Hope! Part 13

John Mustain

Killing my Mom: God's Armament, Part 14


The Lantern

The Large Exhaust Fan

Left Arm Injuries

Letting Go of the Rail

Let's Have a Run for it. Victory Series, Part 53

Lieutenant Carey Cash

The List

Little Jill

Living for Yourself: God's Armament, Part 13

Look at Those Ridiculous Coke Bottles! Dragon Tramps or Kingdom Heirs, Part 4

Lucky Break

The Mangled Vehicle

Me First: God's Armament, Part 8

Midnight Battle

Mighty Bobo, The Guardian Donkey

A Milk Tank Truck Driver

Ministering Spirits

The Miramichi Incident

Miss Beardslee's Missionary Tiger Story

My Divine Captain

My Angel

My Best Friend: God's Armament, Part 9

My Brother

My Own Guardian Angel

My Sunshine

Nestled On The Mountain Of Hope

Never Alone: God's Armament, Part 6

Never Dismayed

Not a Fly

Not One Bruise!

Once And Forever

The One in Control. Seeds to Life, Part 9

Our God, The Rock

Out of nowhere

Overly Stretched and Stressed

Peace With our Father? Or Following the Devils? God's Armament, Part 17


The Phalanx Formation. The Question about Love, Part 6

Poisoned Cheese, Protected Christians

Prayer Power

Pregnant and Speeding

The Proper Time: God's Armament, Part 19

Protected by our Heavenly Father. Hope in the Distance, Part 14

Protected by Rocks. Devotions from the Psalms (23:5a)


Pull Over

Quiet Rest

A Rattlesnake Coiled at my Dad's Feet

Remember Them in Your Prayers

Rising Flames

The Runaway Car

Ruler of the Weather

The Sad End to an Unprotected Life...God's Armament, Part 15

Safe in the Storm

Saved from Lightning

Security in Him

Seized Missionary Released Unharmed

Shelter from the Storm

The Shortcut

Shot Gun Rescue

Should I Go?

The Six-inch Drop

The Shield of Faith: God's Armament, Part 23

The Slippery Slope: God's Armament, Part 11

Slowing Down a Fast Moving Truck


Smuggling Bibles Across the Rumanian Border

Smuggling Spanish Bibles

Sometimes it Takes Seven Trees

Sometimes, We Forget

Stand Here Awhile

The Still Small Voice

The Storm

The Storm Tree

Storm Unseen

Story of a Brave Soldier and a Praying Mother

Straight Towards us

A Street Called Shea

Stuck on a Mountain Pass

The Stuck Spare Tire Post. Majestic Mountain View, Part 41


The Sword of the Spirit: God's Armament, Part 25

Take my hand

Terence Emptage

Terror by Train

The Thorough Search

Through the Storm

Tribes of Sumatra

The Trophies of Intercession

Under a Rock in the Sinai Desert

Understanding Faith

Under the Shadow of the Most High. Keep Out!

Unusual Distance

The Voice of God

Walk by Faith, Not by Sight

Walking Miracles

Warm and Comfortable

The Warning

A Warning From the Lord

The Weapons of the World: God's Armament, Part 3

When God Says No

When Life is Like a Washing Machine. The Heart of the Matter, Part 24 (Praising)

Where's my Helmet? God's Armament, Part 24

Where's the Rain?

Where Two Ways Met

Who will YOU Trust? God's Armament, Part 1

With a Smile or a Frown-The Choice is Yours: Victory Series, Part 15 (Our Armour)

The World? Or Jesus? God's Armament, Part 7

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