28.75$ Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (8:31)

Adversity on the Run! Majestic Mountain View, part 10

Always Be Ready

The Art of Patience

B-1 with Apple, Please

The Best Salesman in Inverness. Marriage Bliss, 6

Bicycle Ambulances to the Rescue. Worthy are the Unworthy, Part 3

Boy, I have Some Great News for You! Dragon Tramps or Kingdom Heirs, Part 9

Breaking Away from the Past. Majestic Mountain View, part 7

The Broken Plate

Certainly I don't Want to become a Play-Actor! Majestic Mountain View Series, Part 23

Challenges is What we Strive On. Alive Series, Part 16

Change my Attitude Please!


Complaining or Being Joyful. Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (9:20-21)

Cowering Amidst our Storms. Do we Truly Believe? Part 8

Dancing on Graves. Worthy are the Unworthy, Part 6

The Detours of Life. What Should we do When God is Silent? Part 1

Discipline and Tears

Distractive Relaxation Hindrances to Prayer, Part 5

The End from the Beginning. When Suffering Knocks on Our Door Conclusion


Flat Tires Can be a Blessing. Only in Jesus, Part 18

Focused on Abba. Alive Series, Part 17

The Galloping Horse

A Golden Opportunity. The Ruthless Pursuit of Gold, Part 3

Graceless Religion. The Helpless Heroes and the Vindictive Prideful, Part 9

Heavenly Work: Fear Factor, Part 6

He Saw Me Crying

How Can I Learn to Love Others like Jesus does? When Lives are At Stake

Hungering for God. Only in Jesus, Part 14a

Hungering for God. Only in Jesus, Part 14b

I had a Dream. Faithful to the Cause of Christmas, Part 2

In the Oven of My Tent: The Heart of the Matter, Part 8 (Our Response)

Isn't This a Bit Too Heavy? Devotions from the Psalms (23:6)

Just Busting Rocks

Look at Those Ridiculous Coke Bottles! Dragon Tramps or Kingdom Heirs, Part 4

Look Forward - Remember Fondly

Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunities. Addictive Lovers of our Life, Part 13

Missed Opportunities. Facing Unimaginable Odds, Part 14

Mouldy Old Dough: The Heart of the Matter, Part 14 (Our Response)

The Next Day of Heathrow's Hunger Games. Facing Unimaginable Odds, Part 28b

Nothing to Stop Us. Facing Unimaginable Odds. Part 24a


On The Other Side

On the Other Side of This World. A Kingdom of Power, Part 5

Open Eyes And Heart

Opportunities in Disguise. Rivers of Faith, Part 10

The Opportunity! The Helpless Heroes and the Vindictive Prideful, Part 11

The Overcomer. When Suffering Knocks on our Door, Part 2

Parking Philosophy

The Real Cost of Love. Question About Love, Part 5

The Rush to the Bus. Only in Jesus, Part 9

A Shelter from the Storm. When Suffering Knocks on our Door, Part 4


Spiritual Opportunism

Stuck and Restuck Again! Hope in the Horizon, part 4

Struck by Lightning: The Heart of the Matter, Part 12 (Our Response)

The Task

There's More to Life

A Time Of Transition

Truth's Witness - Part 1

Unfinished But Still Useful. Jesus' Deepest Desires, Part 12

The Unpaved Path. Only in Jesus, Part 22

Unwanted Neighbours. Who Invited them?

Walking on Bombs Without Harm. Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 10

The Website

When Unity has Become an Unknown. Jesus Deepest Desires, Conclusion

Who do we Truly Trust? Wisdom from Above (Prov 3:5-6)


Window Of Hope

The Wire (Het Draad). Broken for Revival, Part 6

The Wood Fairy

You will be the Only Bible Someone Else Ever Reads

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