Admire Their Glow

An Amazing Mixture of Mud, Perspiration, and Calf Manure

Attentive to what Matters. Marriage Bliss, 8

Attractive Inner Beauty! Marriage Bliss, 4

Beatitudes For A Married Couple

The Beauty of a Woman

The Best Salesman in Inverness. Marriage Bliss, 6



Born from Devotion

Cap's Angel

Carry Me

Conflicts on the Horizon. Marriage Bliss Series 13

The Cost of Bliss: Over My Dead Body!

Dear God, Make Them Love Me...

A Decent Man

Don't Hope, Friend...Decide!

Dreaming About My Future Wife. Marriage Bliss 12

Dysfunctional Living. Marriage Bliss, 9

Facing Hilarious Bad News. Marriage Bliss, 12

Faithful to the End

The Fall of Urquhart. Marriage Bliss Part 11

First Love

Focusing on our Destination. Marriage Bliss, Conclusion

Ganged Up On

A Gift of Love

A Godly Example

God's Love in a Baseball Card?

Goodbye my Love

A Heart After our Heavenly Father. Marriage Bliss, 2

In Honor to my Husband

He Knew I Needed You

Help me to Remember


His love

Holding on to His Hand

Homes are Where their Hearts are

I Don't Understand My Husband

I Loved You When You were Bald

It's All That it Takes to Go on

It's "My" Day

It's Not About The Rolex

Keeping Faith

Knowing from God

Leadership that Frees

Let The Reason Be Love

The Lily and her Bee

The Long Goodbye

Love Delusions: Erroneous Ivy. Real Living, Part 9

The Love That Acts

Loving Still

No Other Option

Nuclear Disaster! Marriage Bliss, 11

One of the Ten!

Onions and Roses

On your Hands and Knees

Our Approach to Life

Our Life Together

Our Responsibilities

O When the Saints Go Marching In

A Picnic at the Top of the World. P.S. 1: Fear Factor Considerations

Poppa will Wait for me


The Pretentious Metropolis. Mountain View Series, Part 19

Roasting a Bishop. Marriage Bliss, 5

Romance in the Elevator

Romancing Out Any Stress! Marriage Bliss, 11

She was an 8 Cow Woman

Silver What?

A Special Love Story

A Special Love Story

Still Doing All These Things

Strangers in the Same Home. Marriage Bliss, Intro

Submitting to One Another - A Key to Receiving From God

Sump Pumps and Marriage. Marriage Bliss, 12

Ten Commandments in Marriage (Both Sides)

Their Love Shined Through

Til Death Do Us Part

Together Forever

Trouble in Paradise. Marriage Bliss, 7

True Love

True Repentance

Until the End of Time

Walking in Love

Walking with God. Marriage Bliss, 3

The Way we Said Goodbye

When Customers are Secondary. Marriage Bliss, 10

When love is Not Enough

When One Wanders Away - The Forgotten Villain. The "I" Series, Part 4

You wouldn't Understand: Awake Series, Part 14

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